Technical Standards Policy

1. Ethics

The locksmith will at all times, abide by the Associated Locksmiths of America Code of Ethics.

2. Identification/Authorization

For all service orders involving physical security, the following information will be obtained before providing service.

  • Make positive identification of the ordering party.
  • Establish and record the clients basis of authorization for ordering such work.
  • Obtain signature on authorization work order whereby signatory assumes full responsibility and liability for ordering the work specified.
  • Retain records for 3 years.

3. Proprietary Monitoring

The technician will never perform work on occupied premises without the client or clients authorized agent in attendance.

4. Disputes

The technician will not become a party to disputes of ownership or authority.

  • When an authorization dispute is deemed likely to arise, the technician will pre-advise the law enforcement agency in jurisdiction and request a uniformed officer to be present.
  • The technician will not provide service when there is a dispute of ownership involved without further authorization such as a court order, and law enforcement presence*.

5. Service Quality Control

The technician will follow industry and manufacturer standards and insure random, complete and qualified recombination of cylinders, combination locks and access control systems for optimal security maintenance.

6. Authorized Agents

Security information and devices, such as keys, access cards and codes will be delivered only to the person for whom authorization has been determined in the work order. Positive identification will be obtained for such agents.

7. Do Not Duplicate Keys

Orders for keys stamped "Do Not Duplicate" or similar wording will be handled in the same manner as any unrestricted key (see 8). ALOA members should inform the consumer that the use of keys stamped "Do Not Duplicate", or similar wording, is not effective security, and further that the use of such words is deceptive because it provides a false sense of security. Consumers who desire effective security should purchase a patented key control system rather than rely on a "Do Not Duplicate" marking. This does not apply to keys protected by law.

8. Assumption of Authority

For individual, personal property or unrestricted locks, keys, or other qualifying device, the possession of a the qualifying device itself establishes the authority to order duplicates or recombinate cylinders operated by such devices, unless the cylinders or systems are found to be master keyed (see 10) or of a restricted type (see 12), or unless the service technician suspects some wrongful intent. (See 9).

9. Wrongful Intent

If the technician suspects some wrongful intent or misrepresentation, he or she will refuse service and notify the law enforcement agency in jurisdiction.

10. Master Key Systems

No attempt will be made to originate a key for a master keyed lock unless positive ownership of the master key system can be established. Further, the work must be authorized in writing by the manager of the master key system, and ALOA positive I.D. policies must be followed.

11. Master Key System Integrity

No attempt will be made to expand any master keyed system without first obtaining a valid key bitting array and list of all key bittings currently in use. If this is not possible, the lock shall be keyed SKD or a new master key system generated. 

12. Restricted/Patented Key Control and High Security Key System Policies

Procedures for servicing and key duplication of Restricted/Patented Key Control and High Security Key Systems will be in accordance with the manufacturer's policy and will be established at the time of purchase.

13. Keys by Code

Orders for keys by code will be handled in accordance with ALOA's Positive ID Policy.

14. Key Cards, Digital Key Codes, Smart Key and Other Electronic Access Control Qualifying devices

Procedures for servicing and providing additional cards, codes and other qualifying devices will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s policy and will be established at the time of purchase. If there is no manufacturer’s policy then the procedure for Master Keyed Systems (see 10) shall be followed.

15. Access Control System Integrity

Customers shall be advised that, without a qualifying device distribution list (card, code, smart key etc.) the secure expansion of an access control system cannot be guaranteed. Expansion of an access control system without a qualifying device distribution list will not be undertaken.

16. Lock-Out Services

Emergency entry service orders will be processed according to ALOA's Positive ID Policy.

17. Security System Records Management

The TMK register, End User Register, Progression & Bitting Lists, Authorization and Inventory Records, File Keys, Access cards and or other qualifying devices and all client information shall be maintained in a secure and confidential manner at all times. Computer master key and card key systems shall be password protected and back up media stored in an appropriate UL labeled security container.

18. Safe & Vault Service

Safe combinating and recombinating will be performed in a professional manner as follows:

  • Record of combination will be provided to customer with complete operating instructions. 
  • If safe's contents are not removed while technician works on container, an authorized agent for client must be present at all times*.

19. Bonding & Insurance

The locksmith will have necessary bonding and insurance for the protection of his clients.

20. Hazardous Conditions

If any service conditions exist which pose potential risk or lockout hazard, the client will be notified and recommended action proposed.

21. Codes & Ordinances

No lock or security device will be installed or recommended for any application which will violate ICC, UBC, NFPAA, ADA or any local code or ordinance or pose a threat to life safety. 

*If these conditions cannot be met, a signed authorization must be secured in which the client assumes full responsibility and absolves the locksmith from any and all claims arising from the execution of the work.

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