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A little information about this site, the one 
who administers it and what we do

Safetecnia is born as recourse for buyers, custodians, locksmiths and safe technicians. Mainly as a support to our colleagues who work in Latin American countries.

We service the whole island, I you have a safe that needs to be opened, contact us and let us know how we can help you. In safes, a photograph is worth a thousand words. In most cases, we use non-invasive methods like safe lock manipulation, dialing diagnostics or bypass techniques to open the container, but in some cases, we must resort to drilling.

Alberto Gorbea, site administrator, begins his experiences with safes in 1992. Between 1995 and 1999 he attends the annual conventions of the Safe and Vault Technicians  Association (SAVTA) in the United States, where he meets the best safecrackers of North America and the world.

Since the beginning, what has most obsessed Gorbea has been the damage-free opening (manipulation) of mechanical safe combination locks, to the extremes of confessing his intimates that he needs manipulation like a drug. He has given manipulation classes in the United States and has trained various technicians in Puerto Rico in this art.

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    Jul 31, 18 02:46 PM

    How to open by manipulation the Star push down manipulation resistant safe distributed by American Security Products.

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