Mark Swetland Safe and Vault
Openings in DVD Format


The Real Deal 1

The real deal safecracking by Mark Swetland is a professional on the job safe and vault opening DVD. It features opening by safe type, safecracking skills, opening by technicians and drill points. These openings include a wide selection of safes including antique safes, ATMs, bank vaults, high security safes, money chests, round doors and much more. Over 3 hours of actual in the field safe openings.

The Real Deal 2

A Mark Swetland Production. Featuring the Dave McOmie Penetration Parties. A ton to learn in a fun and entertaining way. See Mark Yarberry reveal e-lock secrets. Indexed for scene selection. Wide screen edition aproximately 110 minutes.

The Real Deal 3

The real deal volume III, is a 3 disc set of over 12 hours of safe openings, electronic lock defeats, gun safes, manipulation, review of industry tools, and interview from some of the best technicians in the world. A must for every technician that is serious about safe opening.

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