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A locksmith to whom I work as a subcontractor called recently with a very peculiar need: A customer had called requesting a complete overhaul his safe deposit boxes. 

It turned out that the customer, a prestigious local Hotel, had a safe deposit nest composed of 100+ different sized boxes, 30+ of which needed to be opened and their locks replaced. Upon inspection, all locks were Bullseye model B542.

I Need a Puller!

At this time I did not have a nose puller, many years ago I bought a deluxe model but gave it away for not having use for it. Searching now for alternatives, I looked into the Lockmasters neutralization kits and what Lock Defeat Technology had to offer. For some unknown reason I did not check the catalog of Mark Bates Associates. Browsing through the site of Lock Defeat Technology I discovered a new product called the Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit. It promised a revolutionary new way of opening certain safe deposit locks without pulling or damage to the door.

Doubting Thomas

This sounded too good to be true, and prompted me do a careful study of the photos on the website. While doing this I noticed that the small hole saw (the one needed for this job) was stamped 5/8 inch. When measuring the diameter of the renter nose of the lock I had removed from the nest as a sample, it measured more or less the same. Phil Shearer explains in his video that the tool will not harm the door in any way. How could this be possible with such a small tolerance existing between the renter nose and the renter nose hole on the door? Phil Shearer has a long standing reputation of a being a very serious safe & vault technician, still I remained unconvinced and decided to question him.

His Masters Voice

Phil explained that the small hole saw in the kit is 5/8 inch (which equals .625 inches) and these S&G renter noses are .670 inches, definitely larger but barely so.

He also explained that the hole saw only needs to cut very little into the renters nose, approximately 1/16 inch or .060 inches in order to have a clear opening to extract the plug.

No Ticket No Laundry

After ordering the tool, Phil sent me an email with a Square invoice. After submitting the necessary credit card information, Phil sent another email informing me that I should be receiving the Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit within a few days.

The Arrival

Arriving sooner than expected, the Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit came shipped inside a small flat rate USPS Priority Mail box properly cushioned with small pieces of foam.

The kit itself came nested inside a dedicated foam pocket within a small plastic box. I was very impressed with the components and the precision fit of the inserts. It came with a laminated card with easy to understand instructions.

Description of tool

  • The Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit (RPRTK) consists of two small hole saws (5/8 inch diameter) & (3/4 inch diameter) respective mandrels and male/female inserts.
  • The male insert consists of a specially modified key blank secured with a roll pin to a precision machined brass dowel.
  • The male insert is designed in such a way that when seated properly (inserted and turned clockwise inside the renters nose) will provide a perfect centering (depends on how precisely centered the renters nose of your safe deposit lock is) for the hole saw.
  • The female insert sits at the inside bottom of the hole saw and receives the brass dowel of the male insert.

Lets Roll

In spite of careful study and preliminary practice, on my first use of the tooI I made two blunders: (1) Did not turn the male insert clockwise upon insertion in the renters nose. Believe it or not, I did not realize I had to do this until performing the third opening. (2) Became trigger happy and cut approximately 1/4 inch into the renters nose. Upon removing the lock and inspecting the hole, I discovered that the edges of the hole were without the slightest scratch. To my amazement I said to myself: This man is a genius.

Nevertheless, some door holes were scratched at certain areas of their outer edges (AARGH!) Fortunately, the scratches were very slight and only noticeable upon close observation and not noticeable with the new replacement locks installed. 

I blame this not on the tool, but on a general lack of precision: (1) The nose plugs were not perfectly centered in the renter noses. (2) The renter noses were not perfectly centered in the door holes. This is something you have to keep in mind when considering the Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit. Had these locks been genuine S&G, I am sure none of the edges of the renter nose door holes would have been scratched by the hole saw.


For its price the RPRTK is a bargain. Knowing the quality and precision of the tools made by Phil Shearer, I thought it was more expensive. It is true that the Rapid Plug Remover Tool Kit will only work with these two nose sizes of their specified lock models and their knockoffs. It is also true you will slightly scratch a door hole here and there. But at this moment it is the only safe deposit lock opening tool I have and I recommend it wholeheartedly. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

For more information on this product I suggest you contact Phil Shearer at his Lock Defeat Technology website.

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