The webmaster has opened the doors of inviting colleagues and friends to contribute with articles of their own


How can I contribute?

  • With ideas or suggestions that can facilitate, simplify or make easier a given technical procedure.
  • Giving the alert on irregular situations that may affect the locksmith trade or the general public.
  • Writing about a curious situations regarding safes and/or locks in which you have been involved.

Important suggestions

  • Depending on the particular case , try to include photographs and/or drawings, the visual aspect is very important.
  • If you can include some video, better yet.

Terms and conditions

  • The webmaster reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted article.
  • Articles considered for publication will be edited and corrected by the webmaster and presented in an appropriate layout.
  • The webmaster will give due credit to the author of the article, write a short review at the end of the article, provide links to commercial website and/or Facebook page and place a flag of the authors country of origin.
  • will not issue any payments for published or non-published received articles, this is a non-profit informative site, everything the webmaster does is strictly ad honorem.
  • Submitted articles shall be revised by the webmaster on a first come first served basis.

Please send articles
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