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Without hyphen, is now your exclusive english language safecracking informative site

With hyphen, is now your exclusive spanish language safecracking informative site

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This is a site dedicated to safecracking  themes, oriented mainly to locksmiths and safe technicians. If you need a safe opened, a combination changed or any other technical service in Puerto Rico, please click here.

The main navigation menu is divided into EIGHT parts:

SAFECRACKING - I am grouping here all things related to this theme: books, techniques, videos etc.

FAQ -This is where I answer frequently asked questions made by customers.

ABOUT THIS SITE - A short story of SAFETECNIA.COM, it's crazy webmaster, training certificates & association/organization memberships.

CONTACT ME - Contact information for service or questions.

INFO - Interesting safecracking related articles for the general public.

TECHNICAL - Articles for locksmiths and safe technicians.

BLOG - Safecracking blog.

ESPAÑOL - Spanish language version of this website.

I must warn you that this site is under construction and that is full of all kinds of surprises: typographical errors, weird navigation, incomplete pages, etc. At this moment the site is experimenting a process of constant revision and expansion.  You should also know that the building of this site is done by myself, with much effort investing my free time when I am not opening safes. I never thought that building and administering  a site was so challenging!

I recommend you subscribe to the RSS FEED, this way you will know exactly when I update a page or publish a new one.

Enjoy your bilingual safecracking informative site.




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